Standard Bank Internet Banking South Africa

Standard Bank Internet Banking

In this world where daily money is flying around it from pocket to pocket, account to account. Now, to make this path of flying some institutions are ready to serve. We know those as banks. Banks are the financial organizations that are liable to the people, sometimes liable to the country to make facilitated transactions around the world. Now, many of us has a backdated thinking that banks are just for giving money to the people, institutions as loans and for receiving money from the people as deposits. But the fact is that the scenario now-a-days is quite different. Banks are now working as a backbone to a nation’s economy. Banks are now often managing the accounts of the valued customer’s to maintain the inner cash flow to the country as remittance.  The banks are now-a-days fully dedicated to their customers to facilitate the way of their banking process through varieties of services. Banks are now providing personal, commercial and business SME loans to serve the clients as well as to make a contribution to the customer’s as well as the national progress.



Now, to make the service more authentic and convenient banks are now taking the help of Internet to start the process of online banking. Online banking is the modified version of banking through Internet. This is a process which is mainly controlled by a centrally planned server system by which people can make transaction from anywhere to anywhere they want. This is the best facility of this online banking to all customers that they can even bank when they are moving somewhere. Most of the banks are now using the online banking services to make their clients work more easy and convenient. Standard Bank is also applying the techniques of online banking to make their services better than it was in previous times.  Let’s take a look at the Standard Bank.


Standard Bank is a public bank which was formed in 1862 as a South African British overseas bank. It is named as Standard Bank of South Africa. It is serving the banking industry proudly from then. Standard Bank has its headquarters in Johannesburg and South Africa. It mainly serves in the South African part of Africa. Now the bank is being operated by the two key people who are Derek Cooper (Chairman) and Jacko Maree (Group Chief Executive) with 53,350 employees. It has products like Commercial banking, Investment banking and Investment management. According to the calculation of 2010 it has earned revenue of US$ 16.6 Billion.



Standard Bank has four different service packages they are providing right now. Those services are Personal and Business services, Corporate and Investment services, Wealth management and Private Client’s management. In their services of personal banking they have full functional group offering, transactional banking, saving, borrowing, lending, investment, insurance, risk management, wealth management and advisory services. At next, in their corporate and investment banking services they have client requirements, banking, finance, trading, investment, risk management and advisory services. In their wealth management services they have world class wealth management solutions for all personal and institutional clients. In their services of private clients they have the services for people and business persons from all over the world. These all services are available in their online banking system where anybody can easily enter into their account and do all those banking.


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As we have talked earlier about the online banking of Standard Bank. Now we are going to discuss about it below.



1. Easy transaction: Standard Bank online baking (STD Internet Banking) provides the fastest and the easiest transaction and bill payment system through their services. Anyone can do it only within just a few minutes from their laptop or computer by simply logging in to your account. It has organized their systematic features that anybody can do it from their “My Accounts” page very easily.


2. Fast access: Fast access is another brilliant feature of Standard Bank’s Internet banking services. Through this anybody can quickly access to their accounts by using its friendly and effective site navigation. The site has all you need just in front of your eyes. So, you can make fast access to any of the options of banking you want.


3. Personalization: It also provides an easy and convenient personalization of accounts by which you can keep the options of your banking you need the most or you use frequently. You can easily modify your shortcuts for your fast and easy access and travel through out the site very conveniently through applying its own modification method.


4. Help Center service: Standard Bank Internet Banking also offers the people with dedicated help center services available for its customers to provide maximum service satisfaction in case of any problems during account management. In that case, Standard Banks online customer help center is always there for you.


5. Easy system to payment requests: Anybody can also request their payments and transaction requests available on the home page of the online bank account. By this easy feature almost anybody can log in and be updated about their payment and transaction procedures.


6. Quick transfer options: Another amazing feature of Standard Bank Internet Banking is that it has fast and easy transfer options for quick and easy transfer. By using this option you have to just fill out some forms with several blank spaces for required information such as user name, password, and transferable amount etc. And after that you can just transfer your money within a click.


7. Manage day to day finance: By using this service anybody can manage their day to day finance which is sometimes very much important for the clients with lots of business transactions daily to maintain the cash flow by checking their money in their accounts.


So, these are the valued services of Standard Bank Internet Banking which is one of the most efficient banks of South Africa. This bank is providing services for many years with a day to day modification method to facilitate the services to clients proudly.