ABSA Internet Banking South Africa

ABSA Internet Banking

In this arena of digital world where almost every institution is using technologies as a competitive weapon against one another, banks are not far behind in this techno-war. Now-a-day, Banks are fully functional with the technological power of Internet through which they can make efficient internal and external communications. And by using the blessings of Internet, almost every bank in the world now has online banking system through which they are providing tremendous facilities to the clients of them. Online banking system is process of doing your banking works online through a secure connection through Internet. Now, almost every bank has the facility of online transaction which makes the banking system convenient like it was never before.


ABSA Bank is one of the banks which is giving online banking facilities to the clients of a specific region which is South Africa. It has become a convenient online banks now a days but still having some problems in their online system as they have started a new beta version of their online portal. Now at first let’s take a look at their historical overviews of operations. ABSA stands for “Amalgamated Bank of South Africa”. It has its main branch located at the Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. It has started its journey from 1991 as ABSA and after a long journey through many upgradations it is now in largest four banks in the South Africa. There are 10 major business entities who actually own the ABSA Bank. Among them the Barclay’s Bank has the largest amount of share which is 56.5%. The other owners are Allan Gray, PIC, Old Mutual, Investec, Coronation, Sanlam, Stanlib, Capital Group and AXA Financial SA.



At next let’s take a look at their services. They have pretty much facilitated services for their clients which are divided into three major categories. The categories are Individual Banking, Small Business Banking and Commercial Banking. These three banking systems have many individual subcategories of services in them. Now, we will go through those. Individual Banking contains Transactional accounts which are available in Youth accounts, Basic accounts and Cheque accounts. Besides that they have package solutions for Youth, Students and Graduates. And they also have special banking practices like Islamic Banking, Private Banking etc. They also have value bundle system which is also available in three different packages like silver, gold and platinum. In this individual banking system there are borrowing facilities for car and home are available with the insurance section available for every individual. For small business banking it has features like financing packages to get the business revolving loan, working capitals and term loans. Besides that, for small business they have small business insurance for the protection. Last but not the least, for the commercial banking system it has it’s major services on business current accounts, business credit cards, search for merchants and latest business integrator with asset finance, property finance, term loans, working capitals, vehicle management etc. It has its focus on some specific sectors in case of providing commercial banking facilities. Those are agricultural sector, logistics, constructions, manufacturing and public sector.


As we have told before that ABSA has its own online banking system (ABSA Internet Banking) which is maintained through a secure system under the authority of ABSA Bank. This online banking system has helped ABSA bank to emerge an Internet based banking entity with enlightened possibilities to its future businesses and clients. If you are thinking to do your banking transactions from your own home or office safely then ABSA is a very right choice for your online banking. It provides various essential banking options for the clients and it also facilitates very much the whole system. Let’s take a look that what differences the ABSA Bank has created.

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1. 24×7 services: If you are thinking about doing your banking after the general working hours then you should have an account on ABSA Bank. Because it provides 24 hours of online banking service after the normal work hours. So, you don’t need to worry about your weekend transactions anymore. You can do it anytime through the online banking services of ABSA Bank.


2. Safe & Secure: Online transactions are all time risky because there are many hackers spending their times on online to steal people’s money. But don’t need o worry anymore, because ABSA Bank is providing the guarantee of safe and secure baking with their strong server and experts. So, you can do your online transactions now more safely through ABSA online banking.


3. Easy account management: If you want to manage your bank account on your own by monitoring each and every transactions of your account then you need to relax now. Because ABSA Bank is now providing the facility to manage your own account efficiently. So, just log into your account and manage your account.


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4. Convenient: As ABSA Bank has the facility to bank online it is getting much more convenient these days. It is very much easier to make a transaction through ABSA Bank as it is under a strong server with experts working on it. Just log onto your account, put your pin and the amount of money you want to transfer and after that within just a click your transfer is done.


5. Time saving: Online banking is always time saving as now it is also true about ABSA Bank. You can just log onto your account and within a few minutes your works can be done very easily. It saves your time and energy as you don’t need to be present physically in your bank.


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So, at last we can say that with the current flow of technological advancements ABSA Bank also made its position in the field of online banking which definitely is very helpful for your competitive business strategy and most importantly for the clients who wants to bank more easily and also very convenient way. The facilities described above are the current services provided by ABSA Bank in which they are trying to update it continuously to make their services far better.